Our camper living facilities are beautiful, modern cabins that have oak floors, pine walls, sliding windows and ceiling and attic fans. Electric and plumbing systems have been redone and every cabin has multiple smoke detectors, ARC fault breakers, new metal-encased conduit, fire extinguishers, alternate exit and sprinkler system. Modern updated bathrooms, which include private scald-proof showers, are housed within the cabins. The spacious bunks include separate rooms to store our campers’ clothing. Camp also is equipped with a state-of-the-art Doppler lightning detection system.

Bunks vary in size from small cabins with approximately 12 campers and five live-in counselors to larger double-size cabins with approximately 20 campers and seven live-in counselors. Our overall camper/staff ratio living within our cabins is approximately 3:1 with a 2:1 ratio in our lower groups.