We run a traditional full season seven-week summer camp program whose multi-faceted purpose includes fun, steady instruction and active game play. We are very proud of the high level of fine arts, outdoor adventure, waterfront activities and athletic instruction that we offer. All our campers compete in inter-camp games and can participate in various sports tournaments. We also offer at no extra charge private lessons in numerous activities during rest hour and general swim.

Pontiac is co-ed though we run our daily boys’ and girls’ programs separately. Many evening activities and special events, however, are co-ed and accordingly offer our campers the best of both worlds. Creative and stimulating activities combined with a superb athletic program within a natural social setting and nurturing atmosphere provides the backdrop for your child’s summers year in and year out.

Daily Program

The Pontiac daily program offers instruction in both team and lifetime sports and hobby activities, augmented by league play and inter-camp games. A typical day at Camp Pontiac includes:


Sports Instruction Period: Detailed instruction in a specific team or individual sport, mandatory through sixth grade.
League Period: Game play in various team sports.
Waterfront Period: Swim instruction / boating for lower camp.
Rest Hour: (We also offer private/semi-private lessons, at no additional cost, during rest hour)
Selective: Camper selects one period each day of game play for a team sport, lifetime sport/hobby.
Clinic Camper selects one period each day of instruction for an intensive seven-day block, akin to attending a mini-camp in an activity of her or his choice.
Hobby Period: (Lower camp only): Hobby periods include but are not limited to activities such as gymnastics, woodshop, photography, arts and crafts, model making, martial arts, golf, etc.
Specialty Camp: (Boys upper camp): A half-day selective dedicated to one activity for a seven day block includes instruction and game play in either Baseball, Basketball, Soccer or Lacrosse.
Academy: Tennis, basketball, soccer, gymnastics academy double period daily lasting 2 weeks for boys and girls entering 5th grade and older for intensive instruction and game play
General Swim: (Older campers can substitute another selective)
Sports Plus Programs: (At no additional cost) During General Swim.


8:00am: Revellie - Wake-up
8:20am: Line-up (announcements) Raise the flag.
8:30am: Breakfast
9:15am: Clean Up
10:00am - 1:00pm Three morning activities with AM snack.
1:00pm: Lunch
1:45pm: Rest Hour or extra athletic instruction (at no extra charge).
2:30pm-4:30pm: Two afternoon activities with PM snack
4:30pm: General Swim through grade 6 – Optional general swim or extra sports above 6th grade
5:15pm: Shower Hour - Clean up for dinner
6:00pm: Line-up (announcements) Lower the flag
6:15pm: Dinner
6:45pm: Free Play
7:30pm: Evening activity and canteen
9:00pm - 11:45pm: Back to cabins - lights out (age dependent)