Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Camp Pontiac?
    Camp Pontiac is a traditional seven-week coed sleepaway camp with campers ranging in age from 7 – 16 years old. We are non-sectarian and will provide transportation for Sunday religious observance.
  • Where is Pontiac located?
    2044 County Road 7, Copake NY 12516. Our summer phone number is (518) 329-6555. Camp is located in the New York Berkshires, a beautiful region that provides a perfect backdrop for staff days off (near to New York City, Boston, Lake George and other picturesque locations for unique day trips).
  • When do I need to arrive at Camp?
    A detailed and thorough Staff Orientation runs from your arrival date through Saturday morning, June 23, 2018 (Camp Starts Date) when campers arrive that afternoon. During Orientation, you will work in various workshops, meet with your department heads, get to know your co-counselors and gain an understanding of Pontiac’s culture. Orientation also includes fun, interactive activities located both on camp and off.
  • When does Pontiac’s season conclude?
    Saturday, August 11, 2018. If you are flying home, your flight should depart no earlier than 6PM that day.
  • How do I get to and from Camp Pontiac?
    Counselors can drive, take a train to a station near camp or be taken up to camp from LaGuardia Airport at 6PM on Thursday, June 14. On your days and evenings off, we will provide off-site transportation when feasible.
  • What does a typical day look like?
    Generally, wake up is at 7:45AM and each day consists of three meals, six activity periods, one rest hour, one free play period and an evening activity.
  • What responsibilities are expected of me?
    A general counselor is a staff member who is with her or his particular group of campers throughout the course of the day and evening (including meals) and is responsible for ensuring that those campers get to and from an activity period on time. A specialist is a staff member who is also responsible for her or his campers throughout the course of the day and evening (including meals) but whose primary responsibility is to teach, instruct and/or referee during her or his specialty periods.
  • Do you have a lice treatment protocol?
    Yes. We send information prior to camp emphasizing the importance of checking for lice immediately prior to camp and treating at home if necessary. Once your child arrives at camp, prior to going into the bunks, we hire a professional lice check service, who checks each camper. If a child has lice, parents have the option of picking up their child and treating them at home or having them treated at camp.
  • If I am a specialist, will I have the opportunity to coach tournament teams?
    Yes, from time to time in the discretion of the department head.
  • Where does the staff hail from?
    Approximately 25% are international, 50% are from the northeast United States and the remaining 25% from throughout the rest of the country.
  • What is my salary?
    Counselors entering their sophomore year of college earn $2,000 for the summer. The pay scale increases by $100 for each year thereafter (e.g., a counselor entering senior year earns $2,200). Staff are eligible for a travel stipend of $250 if such staff member is flying in from out of town. Additionally, staff are eligible for a bonus ranging from $300 - $500 depending upon the group to which that staff member is assigned and performance throughout the summer. We will make salary advances on a per-need, case-by-case basis.
  • When are my days off?
    Each staff member gets one day off per week during weeks 2 through 6; your day off will be determined during Staff Orientation.
  • Do I have any free time throughout the course of a given day and night?
    From time to time, on a typical day you will get one period off (out of six). During your off periods, you will have use of all courts and fields (when available), waterfront (but only if lifeguards are available and on-duty), Canteen, counselor lounge, ice cream parlor (when open) and on-camp movie theater (when available). Staff are on duty and are responsible for campers four nights per week; the other three nights, staff are free to enjoy their evening on or off camp. There is a camp curfew each evening.
  • Do I get to choose which camper group I’d like to be with?
    While we take account of your suggestion, ultimately we will decide what we think is the best fit for you, considering your personality and those of the campers in a particular group.
  • What are my living and eating arrangements?
    Counselors live in cabins with the campers and other counselors. Cabins are air conditioned and have private showers and bathroom stalls. Counselors and campers also eat each meal together. We have a diverse menu including a full salad during every lunch and dinner.
  • Is there a clothing uniform?
    We will provide you with three Camp Pontiac staff shirts, which are to be worn during the day on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. T-shirts that are predominantly red, white, gray or black are to be worn during the day on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Thursdays is our College GameDay (boys) and Tribals (girls), for which we will provide you a t-shirt. Each day, shorts that are predominantly red, white, gray or black are to be worn during the day. During the evenings, you may wear any color t-shirts and shorts.
  • Who provides towels and bedding?
    You will be responsible for bringing your own towels and bedding.
  • Does camp launder my clothing or am I responsible for that?
    You have three options: (1) the camp can take care of this for you on our weekly laundry day or (2) you can do your own laundry on camp (coin-operated) during periods/evenings off or (3) you can do your own laundry off camp during your evenings/days off.
  • What is prohibited at camp?
    Alcohol, drugs and most body piercings are strictly prohibited. Most tattoos are permitted. Smoking is permitted only in limited, designated areas.
  • Do I need to see a physician prior to the start of camp?
    Yes, a physical is required prior to your arrival at camp.
  • What if I get sick during the summer?
    There are multiple full-time physicians and nurses who live on camp. We have a full-service health center on both the boys and girls sides of camp. Additionally, there are nearby hospitals, urgi-centers and EMS facilities (the latter two of which are located within five minutes of camp).
  • Will I have internet access?
    Yes. You may bring (at your own risk) your computer or you may access one of our on-camp computers in the counselor lounge. Additionally, you may use your phone or tablet only during your periods off and in designated areas.
  • Can I work before or after the assigned camp dates?
    Yes, please approach us if you’re interested.